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Simple ACC billing with Cliniko

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Power with Simplicity

ACC Administration for New Zealand ACC providers using Cliniko.

How to use Invoice Direct

Invoice Direct seamlessly extends Cliniko with functionality to directly invoice ACC.

Record claim

Save patients' existing ACC45 claims directly within Cliniko's appointments screen.

Select date range

Within Invoice Direct, select the date range with appointments to bill ACC.

Submit to ACC

Let Invoice Direct automatically send invoices for you or generate a spreadsheet for your viewing.

Total ACC Administration in one package

You're already using a feature packed PMS to help you with day to day activities. Enhance that experience with a solution that allows you to bill ACC seamlessly.

Works anywhere

Invoice Direct is web based so you can access it whenever and wherever you want. All that is required is a computer with internet access.

Dynamically integrates with Cliniko

Unlock the true potential of Invoice Direct with its powerful yet elegant solution to record ACC45 visits on Cliniko's appointment screen. Install the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension now to start adding ACC45 claims to appointments today.

ACC Registered!

Invoice Direct has been thoroughly tested and is compatible with ACC. This means it has passed through ACC’s testing and can integrate with their billing systems.

Automatic claim checking

Let the system automatically check for you what ACC45 claims a patient already has. All you need is the ACC45 claim number and the system will help you find out all relevant read codes for your claim.

Lodge new Claims

Lodge new ACC45 injuries claims for your patients directly on the system and check for approval with a click of a button. And when you're done easily save a copy for you and your patient's own records.

Keep Tracking

Use Invoice Direct to easily track the number of treatments used for your claims at any time. You can see how many treatments have been used and are remaining when selecting claims for use.

Helping run practices of all sizes


Matthew Yee

Director & Physiotherapist at


"We have been using Invoice Direct for 5 months now for invoicing ACC and it has been amazing. It works really well with Cliniko and is a time saver. The customer service has been very helpful, when I needed support they replied very fast by email.

Would definitely recommend Invoice Direct, it is such a simple system and makes invoicing fast and easy."


Dr. Dionne Bassano

Chiropractor at


"Invoice Direct works seamlessly with Cliniko and has made a huge difference in my practice.

Just a click of a button and ACC billing is done!"


Julie Spencer

Administration Manager at


"We have been using Invoice Direct integrated with Cliniko for billing ACC over the last 9 months since the start up of our new clinic & love it.

It is easy to use, with clear steps to follow to ensure all the information needed is inputted correctly. A few clicks at the end of the week & the billing is done."


Gemma Holroyd

Osteopath at


"Invoice Direct has made claiming ACC much easier and smoother. We have all the information at our finger tips regarding claims processed, expiry dates, payments made etc.

The integration with cliniko has worked seamlessly and has made for smooth processing for all our ACC claims. It is a very user friendly system and I would highly recommend Invoice Direct to all practitioners."



Receptionist at


"We are using Invoice Direct in conjunction with Cliniko and it has proven to be very beneficial and time efficient for us.

With a busy clinic it make invoicing ACC so simple and the system is easy to navigate."


Beth Hunter and Ashleigh Tucker

Chiropractor at


"Subscribing to Invoice Direct has been a very positive move for my practice. It has significantly reduced administration tasks and has ensured regular and accurate billing to ACC on time.

It is a must have add on to Cliniko, less time spent on admin and more time with patients! "


Alenka Hand

Osteopath at


"I am an Osteopath running a part time clinic on my own. I have been using Invoice Direct for several months now and cannot imagine going back to invoicing ACC without it. Support is available on email and has always been efficient and helpful when setting up Invoice Direct and linking it with Cliniko.

It now takes me about two minutes at the end of the week to send off an ACC invoice. I would highly recommend Invoice Direct for integrating with Cliniko and streamlining your ACC invoicing."


Stu McDonald & Lisa O'Grady

Physiotherapist and owners at


"Invoice Direct is an excellent product and with it comes very reliable customer service. Taking on your own business can be daunting, but Invoice Direct ensures a smooth and easy transition into invoicing ACC.

All ACC45 claims and treatment information is linked in with Cliniko, this allows me to tag the appropriate ACC claim for returning clients and shows how many treatments they have left under their current claim. I currently spend 5-10 minutes a week on invoicing. I highly recommend this product to ACC providers."


Pauline Trigger

Receptionist at


"We have been really happy with Invoice Direct, it was really easy to setup and easy to use with Cliniko. It's a great time saver for everyone at our clinic. The support has been great along with the regular updates and notifications which means you are kept well informed of any changes or issues with ACC.

We highly recommend using Invoice Direct, the system is efficient, easy to use and perfect for our clinic."


Jin Ong

Osteopath, Herbalist & Psychosomatic Therapist at


"I’m so glad to have found a solid and reliable software that integrates with Cliniko to process ACC claims. It’s made life so much easier. I found Invoice Direct to be much more advanced and simpler to use than others out there. It’s made growing from a single practitioner clinic a breeze. A simple extension allows all my ACC numbers to be a click away when creating appointments. This greatly increases efficiency when invoicing.

Tracking appointments used and remaining is very easy as they are directly visible from within Cliniko. I spend about 5 minutes each week billing ACC now, a huge saving in time! Easy for busy practitioners. The support is also AMAZING. I recommend Cliniko to so many practitioners and only too happy to do the same for Invoice Direct."


Jacquelyn Schirmer

Osteopath, Yoga and Pilates teacher at


"I would like to say how much I can recommend Invoice Direct on their incredibly useful and professional product. Invoice Direct has been helping me with my ACC invoices for many months now and I have rarely seen that incredible level of customer service. It has made my life so much easier and that means I can get paid weekly instead of monthly.

The system is so easy, I can do it all from one computer, and now avoid going over trigger numbers with patients because it's all automatically shown on screen. it's so user friendly that I've only had to ask one question! With Invoice Direct, you can just get on with treating your patients so that your admin can be made super simple."

Why use Invoice Direct?

Packed with features to help make your ACC administration simple and efficient, let Invoice Direct help you save time and money.

Unlimited Invoicing

Submitting invoices is just a few clicks away using information in Cliniko. Submit invoices as frequently as you want and get paid out faster by ACC.

Payment Checking

All invoices submitted to ACC is viewable with just a few clicks. Reconcile your submitted invoices or view what's currently pending for payment.

Safe and Secure

This site is protected using the latest secure SSL certificates so you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and encrypted over the net.

Helping our Practitioners

Treatment providers providing services for Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Hand therapy, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry can all take advantage of Invoice Direct's features.

Support when you need it

All Invoice Direct users have a peace of mind knowing that fast and friendly support is just a click away. Email in at any time to receive assistance while using the system.

Convinced yet?

If you're still on the fence and deciding on a PMS with ACC billing, join Cliniko with the referral link here and get free $50 NZD credit!


Simple pricing so you only pay for what you need

$ 40 / month


One Practitioner

  • The base price for practices with a single practitioner.
+ $ 10 / month


Additional practitioners

  • Add $10 on top of the base for every additional practitioner you use on the system.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

Are there any fees starting up?

There are no upfront costs and absolutely no hidden fees when using the system. What you get is a fully functioning system for 30 days for you to experience how easy it is to invoice ACC.

Your payment details are only required once your monthly trial is up so you can put your card details away until you are absolutely satisfied with the system.

What plan should I choose?

Invoice Direct allows you to select only the practitioners you have in Cliniko that will be used to invoice ACC.

This means that if you only have 3 (out of 5) practitioners that will be invoicing ACC, you can simply choose the 3 practitioner option and only pay for what you need.

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